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Updated: Feb 18

Reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones is a powerful way to boost your Well-being. I'm convinced that disconnection is at the center of many of our sufferings and that reconnecting is the way to restore our balance and well-being.

What does It Mean to Reconnect with Yourself?

In general "Self" means what makes you unique as a whole person. The Oxford dictionary defines Self as "a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection and reflexive action." So, the only one who can define yourself is Yourself. But is hard to think about who You are, and even harder to try to put it into words.

A common approach is to talk about 5 dimensions of the Self: physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual. It implies that "reconnecting with yourself" is about harmonizing those 5 dimensions. There is also the psychological approach to define yourself in terms of your personality, character, values, talents, and beliefs. So, when yo reconnect with yourself means you are developing a better alignment among those 5 dimensions.

Throughout your life, you develop your "self-concept" which is your conscious and un-conscious answer to the question "Who am I?" Roy Baumeister, renowned psychologist, author, and current president of the International Positive Psychology Association, defines self-concept as:

“The individual’s belief about himself or herself, including the person’s attributes and who and what the self is.”

Counselling is an effective way to heal your self-concept while facilitating the alignment of the 5 dimensions of yourself and the development of your strengths in terms of your personality, character, values, talents, and positive beliefs.

Why "Reconnecting" is so important?

Reconnecting with yourself means learning to be your friend, liking those parts of yourself that make you unique even if many others don’t “approve”. 

Reconnecting is important because while you're disconnected, you're at the expense others' opinions and demands. You feel powerless in the face of challenges. You may experience loneliness even when around people, emptiness even when getting material possessions or experiences.

Reconnecting means learning to trust your decisions and be at peace with their consequences, even when they are painful. Decisions like ending a friendship or romantic relationship, moving away from loved ones to follow your dreams, being labeled as “not cool” or unpopular because you are not willing to cave in to peer or social pressure.

Reconnecting means enabling yourself to listen to the voice that in some situations deep down tells you the way to go. Paying attention to that “something” that tries to guide you, to help you find your way. That voice may be your intuition, your gut feeling, your core values, or your consciousness.

In other situations, reconnecting would mean feeling uneasy, experiencing an urgency for change. Such urgency may come from your life experience telling you that enough is enough. It may be your soul telling you that this, really, is your path and that it's time for you to grab your backpack filled with courage and vision and start walking with your head high and your heart serene… maybe for the first time in a while.

This Blog is about "How" one can reconnect to oneself and others.

One of the first steps to reconnecting with yourself is learning to listen to your hurting, to the void inside you that leads to ending your day being emotionally drained, instead of energized. 

You know you need to reconnect when you find yourself numbing your emotions, trying to not feel what you deep down know you are feeling.

At that point, you need to stop the self-gaslighting. Stop trying to convince yourself that you are right, that everything is okay and that you just need to get more of...

This blog is a space for learning, healing, and growing. I invite you to come on a journey together of the "how to's" that I'll be sharing and enlighten all of us by sharing your own experiences. If you don't want t o miss any of the tips in the "how to's" please subscribe to the newsletter below.

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